Cultivating a mindset of entrepreneurship reorients your approach towards how you live your life. Creating jobs instead seeking one could make you a more action oriented and an innovative person. As government cannot provide employment to all, it becomes imperative that the private sector and the start-ups fill this gap by creating new job opportunities in various sectors across the nation. This latest resurgence in the new start-up ecosystem has given job seekers high salaries with other excellent incentives and a conducive atmosphere where one can come up with any unique ideas and unconventional ways of doing business. Start-ups focus on any specific problem in the market place and try fixing them by creating services or manufacturing products catering to their superniche target group.

However, the private sector could thrive and could generate more job opportunities only if the government and its policies are supportive. And thankfully, the government has been really supportive of the start-up ecosystem in the recent years. Various state governments are encouraging new entrepreneurs to launch and they are helping them to do so with ease. Government schemes such as ASPIRE ( A scheme for Promotion of Innovation, Rural Industries and Entrepreneurship) and ‘MUDRA’ (Mirco-Units Development and Refinance Agency) have made entrepreneurs life easy by initiating the creation of a start-up ecosystem that promotes innovation and new ideas.

In Assam, we could see today an entrepreneurial atmosphere with several proactive initiatives by Govt. of Assam. It is noteworthy to mention Assam Start-Up –The Nest, which is Assam’s first state owned incubator located in Guwahati. As a start-up incubator, Assam Start-up—The Nest helps the start-ups shape their entrepreneurial mindset so as to navigate through the dynamics of the market. The selected start-up entities are incubated at the NEST, they go through intense mentoring and capacity building training, get access to co-working space, get the opportunity to meet the investors etc.

We have brought in this issue an exclusive story on how the different initiatives under start-up India has been able to not only support the entrepreneurs from Northeast India but also has been effective in motivating the youths to ideate, create and contribute to the society as job creators.

Author: Bijoy Ghimire